One Man Army!

One man with courage makes a majority. The individual activity of one man with backbone will do more than a thousand men with a mere wishbone. They attack the one man with their hate and their shower of weapons, but he is like some rock which stretches into the vast sea and which, exposed to the fury of the winds and beaten against by the waves, endures all the violence. One man’s transparency is another man’s humiliation. One man’s style must not be the rule of another’s. Your true strength will reveal itself when you fight in between your heart & mind. Whenever you feel the world is against you, always remember, God is always with you and so you plus God are a team and although for the world you may be alone, always remember the one with courage to stand for his rights, life has a special flavour, the coward’s can never taste.

. God isn’t going to let you down, his loving arm’s will always be there to catch you. It’s not an easy task to stand for your own self, for your right’s… Trust me, but it’s important. Value yourself enough to know what you deserve. If you can stand up for others, you can stand up for yourself too. It demands a lot of mental, emotional and spiritual strength, it will not be an easy journey, and will require a lot of courage, but at the same time, it will set an example for others and will teach them the real meaning of honouring someone and for that you need to first honour yourself. Believe in your flyness, conquer your shyness.

. Believe in the power of one. Don’t be afraid, be you. Do what you believe is right. A man who is too afraid to admit his fears is a man who won’t overcome them. The best compliment I ever received was that, “I am a one man army”; I find it best because it honours my efforts to struggle and not lay weak. More than strangers your friends and relatives will pull you back, will humiliate you, will cheat you, will disrespect you, will leave you alone, especially at crucial times, when you just can’t afford being not supported, that’s the moment when you should not get affected and shine your own light. I know it’s not easy but don’t let other’s negativity stop you, show a strong front, even when you are afraid, and make every effort to stand firm & strong. Take control of your emotions, don’t give them power to destroy you. Instead, focus on all the good you still have & focus on how you can create an independent and respectable life for yourself. Let them wonder, how you can be so strong. Pay attention towards yourself, your strengths & weaknesses, overpower your weaknesses and achieve your goals. Always, simply always, “believe in the power of one”.




Freelance Writer —; Contributing Writer — Womansera Magazine, Education World Magazine, etc. Author- Walking The Rainbow of Life!

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Aditi Maheshwari (

Aditi Maheshwari (

Freelance Writer —; Contributing Writer — Womansera Magazine, Education World Magazine, etc. Author- Walking The Rainbow of Life!

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